Bloom Where You Are Planted

How to Bloom Where You’re Planted in 4 Easy Steps

Are you the type of person who lets the negative circumstances and challenges you face determine your level of happiness? Do you believe that you’ll be happy when you land the next big promotion, save enough money, or find the soul mate you been looking for?

While positive goals drive you forward, it’s important to learn to bloom where you’re planted.

Instead of letting your circumstances dictate how you feel, let the joy you have on the inside shine forth. No matter where you are, find the good in it. Remember all that you have to be grateful for, instead of focusing on the feeling that there’s always something missing.

To bloom where you’re planted, you must look for the good in every challenge you face.

Some of the wealthiest people in the world feel empty because even with all their money, they don’t have the unconditional love of others, their health, or other things that money simply can’t buy.

And, some of the poorest people in the world are the happiest. Why? Because they choose to find the good in life and focus on it rather than worry about what the material things they don’t have.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do you have that you can be thankful for?
  • Do you have a place to live and food to eat?
  • Do you have a job?
  • Can you pay your bills?
  • Are you healthy?
  • Do you have people in your life who love you, and whom you love in return?
  • Do you practice your faith to help you with positive energy?

Your Thoughts About Yourself Really Matter


How you see the world and assert your confidence in yourself can affect how you achieve in life. Happy people have higher productivity and aspirations.

People who act as though they’re happy often are full of joy because their content fills their lives and others who benefit from their positive energy.

The problem with most people is they spend most of their time consumed in a negative, lack mindset. So choose to see the sunny side, not just the shadows.

Instead of focusing on problems, focus on potential solutions until you achieve the results you desire. This actually is easy to do when you silence your inner critic.

Spoken and written words have tremendous power. Always speak well about yourself, even when you have made a mistake.

Words can shape entire lives when people take them to heart. Right now, you can remember something said to you-good or bad-from years ago.

That’s because you internalize negative words, and when you do, everything you could and should be grateful for seems insignificant.

That negativity will make you feel discouraged and discontent. To minimize these feeling, choose to allow only positive words into your heart.

You can bloom beautifully where you are right now. Positive words, whether spoken by you or to you by someone else, can help you and how you shape your life.

Keep your focus in front of you. Move forward toward your goals and continue to improve. But remember: you can find happiness and peace in every situation or circumstance.

You can train your mind and eyes to be optimistic. Start looking for the joy right where you are.

What you think is closely connected to how you feel. Your beliefs about yourself and the world around you shape your destiny.

Thoughts are “alive.” When you have life-affirming thoughts, you’ll feel more alive. Think thoughts of gloom and discouragement, and you’ll feel unhappy.

Decide today to enjoy the blessings of the present moment. At the end of the day, the glass is neither half empty nor half full.

You’ll be happy and successful when you consciously choose to be where you are and nowhere else. When you do, you’ll bloom where you’re planted.

Today, choose to be present and attentive at every moment. What does that look like? These four tips are a good starting place.

Here are four ways to start blooming where you grow:

1. Celebrate your accomplishments, even when they’re small. Let go of the idea that everything has to be a major event in order for me to feel good about yourself. Recognize the progress you’ve made and enjoy the feeling of satisfaction that comes with completing a task.

2. Smile more often. It costs nothing, and it can have a huge impact on how you feel about yourself and your world. A smile creates happiness in the brain, which can spill over into other areas of your life.

3. Practice self-compassion. When we’re down on ourselves, it’s harder to find hope and happiness in our future. Instead of beating yourself up for making mistakes, take a moment to understand where you’re coming from and forgive yourself for having unrealistic expectations.

4. Connect with nature. Spending time outdoors can help you relax, clear your head, and gain a greater appreciation for the natural world. Taking a walk in the park, exploring a nature reserve, or simply taking a briskly refreshing dip in a river can be enormously beneficial.

Learning to bloom where you are planted requires you to pay attention to your thoughts and beliefs. It’s especially important that you pay attention to what you think about yourself.

Learning to bloom where you are planted demands you stop living like a victim by letting go of past events.

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If you want to be happy, positive and successful, focus on enjoying the present moment. When you do, you’ll enjoy life more and be successful in achieving your goals. So begin today! Let me know if I can help you.

What do you do to bloom where you are planted?


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