Why don't you like your family?

What Do You Do When Your Family Is Toxic?

How many people do you know that refuse to be around their family? Many people were emotionally wounded in childhood because of the trauma they experienced in their homes by their parent (s), other family members, or friends of the family. They may have been exposed to all forms of neglect and abuse, which often went unchecked and overlooked. Can you imagine being told or led to believe by some adults in your family that you should just get over what happened to you?

Memories like that have left you scarred and responding to that trauma in your relationships and choices as adults. The way you respond to stress may mimic what you saw and experienced as a child. Roles that you play and assume as an adult likely started in your youth in response to your dysfunctional home environment. Were you a Tiffany, Mark, Brittany, Shawn, or Tony? You'll have to read the book to find out.

You'll also learn in the book what makes a family unhealthy and toxic. Most importantly, you will discover your ability to stop these disruptive generational cycles in your life and your children's lives. Life can be better and sweeter when you take control and decide to become your highest self. That is how we stop generational trauma and lessen its impact on adults who lead our communities and families.

I invite you to the good life. The moment I decided dysfunctional family behavior would end with me, I was on my way to the good life. There is nothing better than inner peace and being emotionally healthy. Click on the link on the book and start your self-love journey today.

Toxic family journal

You Can't Change Your Past...

It may seem harsh. But it's the truth. Far too often, people get stuck in the past because it's comfortable and gives them a sense of control that they did not experience as vulnerable children. But the true lesson is learned when you can look back at the past and grow from or beyond it.

I strongly believe in the power of self healing for those who are strong enough to do the work. It is work. Remember, you are undoing and unlearning the dysfunctional patterns you grew up with as a child. You may not even realize that some of your adult behavior or parenting practices are toxic. But you can stop those behaviors whenever you want.

People present change as complicated. It is a challenge. But when you really want to do something, have you ever noticed how you manage to get it done? That's not magic. That's determination and hard work. I challenge you to spend your energy and give your time to you—becoming your highest self. I will give you the key. But you are the only one who can steer the ship, captain.

I will guide you through reflective journaling that will explore your feelings and thoughts about your childhood and family. Putting words to your emotions gives you the power to change and never be to your children or partner what your parent (s) and family were to you. Click on the book link and transform your life right now. If you haven't already done so, make sure you pick up the book Choosing to Stop the Madness: Overcoming Toxic Family Patterns. The journal accompanies the book.

If you feel you need professional help, please get it. If you want to work on your growth with a group of like-minded individuals, make sure you join the membership circle here.

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