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Overcoming Fear: Strategies to Face Your Fears and Thrive

In the labyrinth of human emotions, fear stands out as both a guardian and a gatekeeper. It serves as a guardian by alerting us to real dangers, ensuring our survival. Yet, it also acts as a gatekeeper, often standing between us and our fullest potential. Understanding and overcoming fear is not about dismissing this crucial …

healing unresolved trauma

10 Powerful Tips To Heal Unresolved Trauma And Live A Better Life

Unresolved trauma is a term used to describe the harmful emotions and thoughts that remain after a traumatic experience has been resolved. It can happen any time you experience something that is overwhelming and causes you significant emotional distress.  It can cause you to suffer from several problems, including anxiety, depression, addiction, poor physical health, and more. It’s no …

Daddy Issues

How To Overcome Daddy Issues And Thrive As 1 Strong, Independent Woman

Many daughters struggle with daddy issues because they were abused or abandoned by their fathers. Fathers are often portrayed as the ideal male figure and daughters often look up to them. However, many daughters struggle with daddy issues because they often feel that they cannot connect with their fathers. They may have difficulty forming strong …

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